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" Data is the new oil , Analytics is the new refinery , Intelligence is the new gasoline "

I am driven by Data & Curiosity , I learn everyday & I am passionate about data science and I make beautiful things with data. I have hands on experience in solving real life problems using statistical analysis, machine learning & data visualization .

A few things that I do

Helping beginners getting started with Machine Learning 

I have started an initiative to help the beginners by mentoring them, under an initiative called " 100+ Days of ML " , where they are mentored continously for 100+ days to dive deeper into ML and that has received an awesome response with 3800+ members joining the one which started in January , 2019 !! Join the initiative over Telegram here

Contribute to the Open Source world

I really love exploring the vast world of open source . I'm an active contributor to few Open Source projects & being a mentor at Computer Society Of India ( BPIT , Student Chapter ) , I help students to start contributing to Open Source .

Freelance Software Development 

I like to work on challenging Freelance projects. I've experience with projects related to Data Science, Website Development, Python and Machine Learning Applications .

Make interesting projects

Like everyone else, I have a hell lot of awesome ideas which I'd love to work on. Whenever I get time, I dive into implementing some of them. If you're interested in knowing what kind of projects have I worked upon in the past, visit this & collaborate (if you like them), or share your views.

Write articles and tutorials

* I write about tech, and sometimes I do guest blogging. Some of my works have been trending on the front page of Datum Guy , Eckovation , CodeSharp , and been covered by popular tech Newsletters and Podcasts.
* Apart from that I do write books on General Knowledge , titled " Excelsior Yearbooks " , you may find them over my book`s website .

Attend Hackathons , conferences , Community Meetups

I really love the exposure and the inspiration I get from the variety of hacks from hackers & curious guys all around . Attending such events have helped me enhance my development skills, leadership, creativity, and ability to work under pressure. Yes , I do deliver talks at community community . See my past & upcoming talks here .

Pursue research projects

I am currently researching on Opinion Mining with the help of Sentiment Analysis , Personality Analysis . 

Well, I'm hunting for exciting opportunities in fast growth enviroments, and I'm also on a search for finding awesome collaborators for some of my recent projects related to Machine Learning , Data Science , Python .

Want to discuss something ?

If you've opportunities for me, or have crazy product ideas to discuss, always feel free to reach me via email here , phone call here or click here, Check out my resume here . I'd be very happy to connect. 

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