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I love to explore how a MACHINE is LEARNING and how can I use my adaptive problem-solving skills to help those ARTIFICAL brains boost their INTELLIGENCE. And yes, if you own a STARTUP or if you are HIRING, let's connect. I love contributing to the success of these rising champions aka the startups!
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A few things to know about me

Why I love working for Startups ? 

Because Startups act like a catalyst for me to experiment with a lot of DATA as a SCIENTIST, a lot of ENGINEERING with AI, ML; while I am still an undergraduate student studying COMPUTER SCIENCE from 2017-2021.
✨Though Corporates are sweet spot for me too. 

Where to find me?

During summers/winters; you can find me doing Internships, Research all around INDIA and on weekends you can find me at Hackathons, Meetups, Conferences around DELHI-NCR, because I believe in the power of Community Learning.

Anything I did for the community? 

✨Of course yes, I tried a bit of mine. I take pride in sharing that I brought KAGGLE Days Meetup for the first time in India ( I am Organizer for it's Delhi NCR Chapter).
✨I also had the opportunity to create a learning ecosystem for 72000+ learners like me.
✨I served as a Mentor for PyJaipur's Summer Of Algorithm initiative and also mentored students in Open Source Competitions like JWOC etc.

"So what? Where do I fit in for you?"

You need proof from me for that. And as everything is DATA in 2020 ... You need a person who can extract what Data speaks! Well, lucky, you found me. I am really good in playing with data, you know!
✨ BONUS : I make machines intelligent with my EXPERIENCE as an INTERN.

"What will you get if you choose me?"

✨Insights from the Data that drives & impacts growth for your organization. In short, the real essence of DATA as required in 2020!
✨You name it, I got it! And if I haven't done it before, I learn & try to deliver the best results to you :) If you're looking for something specific. Let's talk directly and discuss things over.

"How do I play with DATA exactly?"

✔️ Working with Regression Algorithms (Linear, Logistic, Polynomial, Ridge, Lasso).
✔️ Working with ARIMA and LSTMs for time-series forecasting.
✔️ Working on data gathering pipelines.
✔️ Working with technologies like Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Keras, OpenCV, Tensorflow, and PyTorch.
✔️ Building mathematical models for COMPUTER VISION, Natural Language Processing [ NLP ].
✔️ Deploying models at scale for your customers.
✔️ Reading and extracting insights from recent RESEARCH papers.
✔️ Writing hacky, clean & understandable code.

Here is the headline from my LinkedIn profile

Speaker 🏆 Let's talk ML, AI, Data Science, DL, Python 🏆 Catch me @ Hackathons, Internships 🏆 Community @ Kaggle Days

Looking for an INTERN who can serve as a DATA SCIENTIST, AI/ML ENGINEER with RESEARCH mindset? Want someone to give your VISION the perfect GROWTH trajectory using DATA? You got me! ☺️

Want to discuss anything ?

If you've opportunities for me, or have crazy product ideas to discuss, always feel free to reach me via email here or click here, Check out my resume here . I'd be very happy to connect.